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Supporting the next great idea at Marshall University!

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way for students, faculty, staff and alumni to rally around passion-based initiatives that impact our entire campus community. This is a great way to generate support for projects and more.

This platform provides an outlet for MU students, faculty, staff, organizations, programs and alumni to use the power of crowdfunding to raise money and generate support for certain approved projects.

Marshall University has been changing the world for nearly 200 years. When we work together, we can have a positive impact on our students, our campuses, and the global community. Our crowdfunding platform is an opportunity for members of the Herd to inspire change by both donating to and fundraising for the causes they are most passionate about. Discover current campaigns or apply to fundraise with us today!

How does crowdfunding work?

Check us out and explore the campaigns that are in progress. Advocate for projects that inspire and excite you through your social media networks. By create interest in the project, you help our teams meet and exceed their fundraising and project goals.

Your tax-deductible contribution on this secure and convenient crowdfunding site supports the effort, moves the campaign forward and positively impacts the outcome of the project. Campaign creators will provide feedback and progress as the campaigns move toward completion.

This is an exciting opportunity for our campus community, and we greatly appreciate your support of this initiative.

Questions before beginning the project:

  • Does the project have a clear, compelling story that project team members and influencers can share?
  • Will the project team members and influencers regularly reach out to their networks for the duration of the campaign?
  • How much do you want to raise? Is that amount achievable? If not, consider setting a different goal.
  • Does this project benefit members of the Marshall University community?
  • Faculty/staff member, has the project been approved by the department head or Dean?
  • Are you ready?
Contact Us
Marshall Crowdfunding

Griffin Talbott

519 John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25703

(304) 696-6214

How can I raise money for my project?

Current students, faculty or staff, can submit an application. Once reviewed by the foundation team, we will contacted you with approval or ask for more information.

After approval, we help you set up your project and provide tips along the way to help you reach your fundraising goal. Invite collaborators to join your team and promote your project.

We can help you create a buzz and share your enthusiasm about your project with family, friends, colleagues and the community. Asking for support and awareness through social media, personal networks, and email is a great way to build interest for your project.

We are excited to provide this opportunity for the Marshall campus community. Be a part of this program that can assist the unique ideas and goals of our students, faculty and staff and submit your applicaiton today!

Please call (304) 696-6214 with any questions or comments. Thank you!

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