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Give the gift of a Marshall education!

Scholarships Make Dreams a Reality

When you invest in students, you expand opportunities for the next generation of thinkers, problem solvers, artists, and leaders. You set the stage for current and future members of the Herd to follow their dreams and positively change our world. Thank you for your belief in the transformative power of higher education!

Marshall University offers scholarships each year to deserving students, on the basis of demonstrated financial need, merit and/or achievement.

Marshall has a number of endowed and annual scholarships that have been established through the Marshall University Foundation by individuals who deeply care about Marshall and its students. Many students are selected to receive endowed and annual scholarship awards by committees from departments and colleges, while others are selected by staff from the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Making a Difference

Did you know that 77% of students at Marshall University receive some form of financial aid assistance? And 56% of those students receive scholarships. For many students, higher education would not be possible without the generous support of donors who make a tangible impact on the lives of students. For some, that impact can be the financial support to help a student cross the finish line in earning a degree. For others, that impact can be life-changing experiences such as study aboard opportunities and crucial academic needs.

In 2022-23, Marshall has awarded more than 2,200 privately donated scholarship awards to almost 1,700 different students in excess of $5.3 million each year. Through scholarships, you can change lives at Marshall!

Our Scholarship Philosophy

Students are our partners in scholarship stewardship. The Marshall University Foundation regularly invites and encourages scholarship recipients to share what scholarships mean to them in a variety of engaging ways. Many scholarship recipients are eager to participate, but we cannot require their participation.

What to Expect: In addition to being notified of the scholarship’s recipient(s) on an annual basis, donors who establish named scholarships receive ongoing communications about the impact of the scholarships. At Marshall, it is our honor and privilege to update donors about the incredible difference scholarships make in the lives of our students.

Establish an endowed or expendable fund at Marshall University today!

How to establish a scholarship

Establishing an endowed scholarship is a wonderful and meaningful way for a family or organization to honor a special person while sharing their legacy with future generations of students. Each scholarship fund is unique in its offering and the Marshall Foundation is here to help you with the process.

There are a few common factors in establishing an endowed scholarship fund:

  1. Eligibility requirements – do students need to attend a particular program of study, have a minimum grade point average, graduate from a particular high school, live in a particular area, etc.?
  2. Distribution and award amount – how many awards and how much money do you plan to award at each distribution?
  3. Fund availability – annually, the spending allocation from the endowed fund is made available for distribution based on the Foundation’s spending policy.

Thanks to the generosity of many, The Marshall University Foundation Inc. is able to extend the opportunity to receive private scholarships to hundreds of talented and deserving students each year.

Students who receive support are chosen based on criteria representing the donor’s wishes and academic guidelines of the university. Unless otherwise specified, awards may be renewed for up to four years, providing the recipients maintain eligibility standards.

Endowed scholarships may be created with a major gift of $25,000 through a one-time gift, a pledge for a period of up to three years or through a planned gift.

Income distributions fund the award after the endowment has been established for at least one year, however, if the funds have not been invested for the full 12-quarter period, the spending allocation calculated will be less than the 4% target. Additional gifts may be added to increase the fund principal at any time.

The Marshall University Foundation also offers donors the opportunity to provide private scholarship support through expendable awards funded through annual contributions of $1,000 annually or more for a minimum of four years. These funds are applied directly to the recipient’s educational expenses.

With both endowed and expendable scholarships, the donor has the opportunity to participate in establishing guidelines and in determining the name of the award. All gifts are made to The Marshall University Foundation Inc. which accepts scholarship funds where selection is not based solely on any of the following criteria: race, gender, religion, handicap or national origin.

Scholarship donor contacts receive biannual reporting of the financial and beneficiary information of the fund(s), as well as an invitation to the annual Scholarship Honor Brunch.

Invest in the Future, Invest in Scholarships!

Scholarship Honor Brunch

Learn about this exciting event recognizing scholarship donors and their students held each spring on campus!
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FAQ: Endowments & Expendable Funds

A permanent fund, established by a donor, to support a program, scholarship or program initiative. Endowment funds are strategically invested to create a perpetual revenue stream; however, they are exposed to changes in investment markets which may impact the level of annual program support. Program support is calculated annually and, when available, transferred to an expendable fund.

A fund set up in conjunction with an associated endowment fund. Annually, the spending allocation from the endowment fund earnings is placed into the expendable fund, from which awards or distributions can be made. Expendable funds can exist alone, if a donor has pledged to continue to support the fund through annual expendable payments.

The spending policy is 4% of the average market value of the endowments for the previous 12 quarters (three-year rolling average). This rolling, multi-year average helps to smooth out market ups and downs to provide more predictable spending budgets. The cap on the spending budget prevents overspending during extended up periods in the market, and the goal is to ensure that the endowment maintains its purchasing power over time to support future generations.

The Foundation calculates the spending allocation annually based on September 30 market values. The amount of spending allocation from designated funds will be communicated to Marshall University departments around November 1 to plan for program expenses and scholarship awards for the following fiscal year, aiding in recruitment and retention of students and programs.

Appreciation/depreciation is the difference between the Market Value and the Corpus of the endowment. Appreciation represents an excess of investment return, both realized and unrealized, over the withdrawals for spending and for management fees. Depreciation represents a deficit where cumulative investment losses, both realized and unrealized, have reduced the market value below the corpus of the endowment. Appreciation is the customary funding source for endowment spending budgets. Generally, there is NO SPENDING ALLOCATION if there is NO APPRECIATION.

Appreciation is the customary funding source for endowment spending budgets. If the endowment guidelines prevent spending below the market value, then there is NO SPENDING ALLOCATION if there is NO APPRECIATION. Absent donor restrictions, the amount of spending available is calculated in accordance with the Foundation spending policy which includes factors from UPMIFA*, a floor of 90% of the corpus of the fund, and a ceiling of 7% of the market value of the fund.

For endowments which prohibit underwater spending, if the appreciation is less than the spending by calculation, the spending allocation will be limited to the amount of appreciation in the fund. For endowments without a restriction to underwater spending, the Foundation refers to the spending policy in determining the amount of spending that is prudent in accordance with the terms of UPMIFA*. Also, if the funds have NOT been invested for the full 12-quarter period, the spending allocation calculated will be less than the 4% target. If a portion of the spending allocation is returned to corpus, based on the guidelines, the next spending allocation will be less than 4%.

To maximize the speed of the impact and consistency of available awards, it is recommended that both the endowment and expendable accounts be funded simultaneously. Designating 80% of the total gift or pledge amount to the endowment and 20% to the expendable allows the fund to make an immediate impact, ensuring five to six years of award distribution while the endowment fund is built and invested. Until the minimum endowment level is reached, payments to the endowment builder will be held in a cash account.

Watch your impact grow!

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To learn more about establishing a scholarship at Marshall University contact:

Krystle Davis
Senior Director of Donor Relations
(304) 696-6781