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What is the MUAA Board of Directors?

Did you know that YOU can still make a difference at Marshall University? By joining the Marshall University Alumni Association national board you can take part in important conversations, represent your fellow Marshall University Alumni, and help make a difference for past, current and future sons and daughters of Marshall!


  • Must be an active member of the MUAA via an annual gift to the Marshall University Foundation Inc.
  • Be energetic and enthusiastic in support of Marshall University and concerned with its growth and potential
  • Be available to attend three annual on-campus board meetings and monthly conference calls
  • Be willing to assist in his/her home area in promoting Marshall University and the alumni association

What exactly does the MUAA Board of Directors do? Why should I nominate someone for it? You may have some of these questions and if you do, contact us at and let us answer your questions.

Elected Board Members serve a three year term, while appointed members serve a one year term. All terms of office/appointment begin July 1, and end on June 30. Below is a full list of past MUAA Board Presidents.

If this sounds like a fit for you, click on the application below and learn more about making a difference as a member of the MUAA national board!

Current Board Members

Executive Committee

Jimmy Black, President
Mikala Shremshock, Immediate Past President
Jane McDaniel, 1st VP
Reeves Kirtner, 2nd VP
David Collins, Treasurer
Mistry Ferguson, Secretary
Becca Hayes
Jordan Wooldridge

2022-2025 Board Members

Kourtney Hamrick
Austin Smith
Irv Johnson
Melissa Blatt
Alyssa Hammond
Misty Ferguson
Jane McDaniel
Donna Harbour
Jordan Wooldridge
Becca Hayes

2021-2024 Board Members

Lester Hicks
Sarah Kemp
Jimmy Black
Robert Walker
Reeves Kirtner
Tiffany Ferrari
Terry Bare
Steve Wellman
Larry Conrad
Jill Jackson

2020-2023 Board Members

Brian Hicks
Annette Green
David Collins
Greg Horner
Missy Clagg Morrison
Bruce Freeman
Ben Workman
Brad Profitt
Brandon Huff
Jim Woodrum

President's of the MUAA Board of Directors


1930-31 – Howard B. Lee
1931-32 – George W. Sharp
1933-34 – Charles W. Ferguson
1935-36 – Clyde Wellman
1937-38 – Harry Wolfe Jr.
1939-40 – Eugene H. Brown
1941-42 – C.H. “Jackie” McKown
1943 – John T. Watson
1944-45 – Thomas Stark Sr.
1946 – Frank E. Hanshaw Sr.
1947-48 – Leonard Sam Worth
1949 – Mack H. Brooks


1950 – Erwin Bernard Sammons
1951 – Y. Jefferson Rife
1952 – Catherine Mary Cundiff Boggs
1953 – William B. Langlin
1954-55 – William A. “Buck” Thompson
1956 – Lucy McKnight Fitch
1957-58 – Donald Leckie
1959 – Donald F. Jenkins
1960 – David Fox Jr.
1961 – John J. Foster
1962-63 – Harry Wolfe Jr.
1964-65 – David A. Foard Jr.
1966-67 – Ray R. Hagley
1968-1969 – James O. Porter


1970-71 – James E. Phipps
1972 – Robert P. Alexander
1973 – Everett N. Roush III
1974 – James L. Farley
1975-76 – Donald D. Ferguson
1977-78 – Ezra A. Midkiff
1979-81 – Philip E. Cline
1981-83 – John K. Kinzer Jr.
1983-85 – Denise Gibson Hill
1985-87 – Marc A. Sprouse
1987-88 – David H. Daugherty
1988-90 – V. Beatrice Nelson Orr


1990-92 – Martha J. Hill Stotler
1992-95 – Louis A. Peake
1995-97 – Jane Musser Butcher
1997-98 – P.G. Jeff Sawyers
1998-00 – George Lambros
2000-03 – Jeffrey A. Porter
2003-05 – Tom Harris
2005-07 – Sharon Porter
2007-10 – Nancy E. Campbell


2010 – T.V. “Teddy” Kluemper III
2010-12 – William “Mickey” Jackson
2012-14 – Bernie Coston
2015-17 – Ben Sandy
2017-19 – Max Lederer
2020-23 – Mikala Shremshock
2023-? – Jimmy Black