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Marshall University alumnus Julian Bell and his wife, Robin, have created the Julian and Robin Bell Scholarship to help full-time undergraduate or graduate students in good academic standing and who demonstrate financial need, per Marshall University’s Office of Student Financial Assistance.

First preference will be given to a resident of Fayette County, West Virginia, who is majoring in a degree program within the Lewis College of Business. Second preference is to a resident of Fayette County, West Virginia, majoring in any other college. Third preference is to a resident of any other county in West Virginia who is majoring in the College of Business.

Julian Bell, a native of Fayette County, West Virginia, received his Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting and economics in 1976 and has navigated a successful career in health care finance and administration for more than 40 years, thanks to the education he received at Marshall.

“We are inspired to give to Marshall University because of the impressive growth in academic programs, including the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, over the many years since I attended Marshall,” Bell said. “More importantly, however, is the realization that my successful career journey began with earning my bachelor’s degree from Marshall. My experiences prepared me to begin and to excel in the public accounting profession, which I ultimately transitioned into a lengthy career in health care finance, which continues today.”

Although Bell did not receive any scholarships as a Marshall student, he recalls tuition being significantly less, and is thankful that he was able to pursue higher education.

“I grew up in Fayette County, West Virginia, and while I have lived in Ohio for many years, I still try to stay connected to my old home area. Robin and I want to assist West Virginia students to obtain and take advantage of, the same academic opportunities that I was afforded when I graduated from high school,” Bell said.

“These opportunities are critical for new students to be able to obtain their full potential in life, and to go forward to strengthen the state of West Virginia, other parts of the country and world. I want a few more young people to have that chance to succeed.”

For information regarding the Julian and Robin Bell Scholarship, please contact Marshall’s Office of Student Financial Assistance at 304-696-3162.